Video – How to manage Windows using Remote Desktop Client

This video tutorial is about how to use Remote Desktop Client on your desktop to connect to your Windows virtual machines running on Yellow Circle Learning Platform.

Video – How to launch Windows Server virtual machine

Learn how to launch a Windows Server 2012 R2 in Yellow Circle Learning Platform. All you need is a student account to get hands-on experience with your own virtual machine.

Video – How to change your password

This video explains how in just a few steps, you can request a new password for your lab dashboard.

Video – How to upgrade your subscription

This is a step by step guide to upgrade your subscription from free account to any of the packages, or downgrade from paid subscription to free subscription

Video – How to sign up for teacher account

This video tutorial explain step by step process to sign up for a teacher account at Yellow Circle Learning Platform. Example includes five student accounts.

Video – Launch an instance from image

Learn how to launch a virtual machine (VPS) in Yellow Circle Learning Platform. All you need is a student account to get started.

Video – WordPress in one minute

Video explains how to launch a WordPress instance in your lab, in less than one minute

Video – What is Yellow Circle Learning Platform

Watch this 3 minute video to learn more about Yellow Circle Learning Platform, what we do, and why we do this.

Video – Basic cloud components

Watch this six minute video on basic on cloud components that make up your virtual data center inside Yellow Circle Learning Platform virtual computer lab.