Spinning up an Instance

Step by step guide to launching your virtual machine in Yellow Circle learning platform. Pick your favorite image, and get started.

How to log into your virtual machine with PuTTY (for windows users)

Do you need to use your desktop application to remote into your linux based virtual machine. This tutorial provide step-by-step guide to use Putty to connect to your instances

Video – Basic cloud components

Watch this six minute video on basic on cloud components that make up your virtual data center inside Yellow Circle Learning Platform virtual computer lab.

Video – N-Tier Architecture for kids

Ever wondered what this whole talk about N-Tier is, take a look at this video where our CEO explains N-Tier architecture to his then 11 year old son.

How to store files in Cloud object storage?

Now you can use Yellow Circle learning platform to store files in the cloud. Remember, this is a platform for learning purposes only

How to update dashboard user password?

In just a few steps, you can change your dashboard password to the one you can remember, and hard to guess. It is your responsibility to secure your account with a strong password

How to create / manage Security Groups

Security groups allow users to allow or deny access to virtual machines. These rules are defined in security groups, that can be applied to each virtual machine

Floating IP addresses

This tutorials provides step-by-step guide to associating floating IP addresses to your project in Yellow Circle learning platform

How to create Virtual load balancers

Learn the concepts of load-balancers, virtual IPs, pools, monitors, and all things related to automatically distributing web or tcp traffic to multiple back end servers

Storage – A Guide

Hard drives, network disks, snapshots, data disk, logs – this is a complete guide along with video to cover the topics of storage